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Heritage project St. Eustatius connects residents with their ancestors

The St. Eustatius Afrikan Burial Ground Alliance will start registration of candidates for its new initiative “Remember Statia: Tracing Our Origins” on Friday, November 10, 2023. It is a community project in which the inhabitants of St. Eustatius write their own history. This will be accomplished by searching for ancestral heroes and heroines and ancestors in general. The initiative includes training for searching archival materials, writing instruction, and an art project.

About Us

About the St. Eustatius Afrikan Burial Ground Alliance (SE-ABG Alliance)

The SE-ABG Alliance came about as a result of the protests against the excavations on an 18th-century burial ground of enslaved Afrikans that were started by a team of international archaeologists in June 2021 in St. Eustatius (see www. 

The protests were initially led by the political party Ubuntu Connected Front Caribbean. Located in St. Eustatius and with allies around the world, the  St. Eustatius Afrikan Burial Ground Alliance broadened the scope of the struggle focusing on other Afrikan burial grounds in St. Eustatius such as the Afrikan Burial Ground Godet Plantation St. Eustatius (Godet/ Fort Amsterdam).

We also work with allies that are experts in their field and are willing to advise us. Together we form the St. Eustatius Afrikan Burial Ground Alliance .

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